PDN - Pastors Discipleship Network - is a ministry that equips pastors and strengthens the African church.

PDN is a registered nonprofit 501c(3) organization established in 2008 to train and equip pastors and their wives with critical ministry and life skills to help them lead and teach their congregations while fostering personal development.

To bring training to untrained church leaders In Africa in order to deepen the church and to advance the Gospel of Jesus Christ through healthy churches.
— Our Mission Statement


During the past nine years, we have successfully trained and equipped over 4,800 pastors in East Africa – providing quality theological education by gifted facilitators, securing and delivering high-quality ministry resources to African church leaders, effectively following up with pastors after training, and building networks for pastors across East Africa to facilitate accountability and fellowship.

In our special business training program, we have provided more than 1,600 pastors and their wives with training and resources in small business development, financial accountability, and entrepreneurship.  The goal of this special training is to alleviate the extreme poverty that is common among African pastors.

Our efforts are making a difference:

  • We have received overwhelming feedback from congregation members about positive changes in their pastor’s performance.
  • Pastors have shared their stories of transformation.
  • Communities have been reached more effectively with the truth of the Gospel.
  • Record numbers of pastors and their wives have registered for our programs demonstrating a growing hunger for new knowledge and skills.



During the next three years, we will build on this momentum and expand our reach and resources.  our goals are to:

  • Train 10,000 more pastors and 4,500 pastors’ wives in all our programs.
  • Develop additional curricula, materials, and manuals that cover our programs more thoroughly.
  • Build the capacity of our staff to fully understand and carry out ministry to pastors in the African context.

What’s more, we plan to network and partner with other individuals and organizations whose programs complement or share a thread with our efforts. And we have already embarked on an exciting project to build a new, permanent facility for our ministry - the Daraja Center.

Ultimately, we aim to take pastoral training and education to new heights to strengthen the church in Africa. By God’s grace, and with all of our partners working together, this vision can become a reality.

The Church in Africa ROOTED, READY, and ABLE to bring the TRUE Gospel to its nations and the world
— Our Vision