Lancaster Bible College, Capital Seminary and Graduate School

In 2015, the Pastors Discipleship Network partnered with Lancaster Bible College to provide master's level education to Ugandan pastors. Leveraging technology, these pastors are enthusiastically embracing this educational opportunity.  Learn more about Pastors for Uganda.

Baylor University

Sponsoring the Mastering the Land Biblical Entrepreneur Conference since 2013.  The Baylor University accounting team provides business training and consulting to local pastors and women leaders.  Discover more about Baylor Missions and the Baylor Accounting Team.

Precept Ministries

Generously providing Inductive Bible Study books and resources.  Read more about Precept Ministries work in Uganda.

Christian Book Distributors

Generously providing books and Bible for resource libraries and pastor training conferences.

Compassion International

Having invested in Richmond since he was a little boy, Compassion International continues to provide opportunities for awareness, involvement, support and training.  Get to know more about Richmond through Compassion's Speaker Page, BLOGand Videos.