Richmond's Story

A Child among “The Least of These”

Richmond Wandera was rescued from poverty in Jesus' Name.

Richmond grew up in extreme poverty in the Naguru slum near Kampala, Uganda, and has battled malaria more than 10 times.

When Richmond's father was murdered, he was left to help care for his six siblings. He entered the Compassion-assisted child development center at his local church when he was 8, then his life and his family changed dramatically.

On completing his early education, he was accepted into Compassion's Leadership Development Program and was able to attend college. Upon graduation with a CPA and Accountants degree, he was invited to join the Accounting faculty at Uganda Christian University. Richmond also served as pastor at Nakawa Baptist Church, the very church he joined as a Compassion Child. He has been involved with two church plants and community leadership.

As Richmond continued to serve the local church he realized that his fellow pastors were equally struggling in ministry due to lack of theological training. Determined to receive Bible training, Richmond pursued a very select opportunity and received a Compassion Wess Stafford Scholarship to attend Moody Graduate School in Chicago (USA). During his time at Seminary, Richmond often summarized his theological papers and sent copies home to pastors who had not attended seminary. It was during this time at Moody that Richmond got a vision to strengthen the church in Africa through Bible education for pastors. After his graduate studies, he returned to his country Uganda to begin training pastors in Africa as well as participate in reaching professional Accountants for the Lord. He has since been leading the ministry of the Pastors Discipleship Network which is now training over 4000 pastors across the five countries of East Africa.