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New Library in Eastern Uganda Thanks to CBD

New Library in Eastern Uganda Thanks to CBD

The Pastors of Mbale in Eastern Uganda are celebrating the opening of a new resource center and library with great thanks to our ministry partner Christian Book Distributors, founder Ray Hendrickson and his entire staff.

Who is the True Father?

Who is the True Father?

Welcome to our special weekend of reflections on the True Father. We hope that the few minutes you will take these three days to examine the Scriptures for truth will be fruitful and bring more love, healing, joy, and appreciation in your life for your earthly father and your heavenly Father. With over 30% of families growing up without earthly fathers today, your reflections from this devotional might indeed bless you or someone else.

17TH June

Day 1

Who is the True Father?

(Have we not all one father…?” (Mal. 2:10))

Knowing the True Father and practicing His presence is the key to all of life. Jesus, on the day He was baptized, was affirmed by His heavenly Father as Son. (Matt. 3:3-17) Later the devil tempted Him saying, “If you are the Son of God…” (Matt. 4:6). Jesus on the cross was mocked by one saying, “If you are the Son of God, save yourself and us” (Luke 23:9). It seems that getting anyone to doubt their true identity in God is a key strategy of the enemy. This is why it must become a personal quest of “Who is the True father?”

 Please take a few minutes now to read: Gen. 1:26-27 and Matt. 23:8-9.

 The True Father is the perfect example for all earthly fathers because He is Holy and Just; but his most outstanding quality is love. 

18TH June

Day 2

How does the True Father love?

(Have we not all one father…?” (Mal. 2:10))

 God is love (1 Jn. 4:8), He doesn’t just love, His essential nature is love. He lavishes His love on all his people even though we are all sinful and undeserving. He demonstrated His sacrificial love toward us by sending His Son to pay the penalty for our sins.  (Rom. 5:8).

 Christ’s chief mission on earth was to save us from our sin (Matt. 1:21). Sin has caused all the beautiful creation of God to be marred. As a result, pain and suffering are part of this life (Gen. 3) – the very things that cause us to doubt God’s love. The Bible contains special promises that give us a glimpse of how the Father loves.

 Please read: Jn. 3: 15-18, 1 Jn. 3:1, and Psa. 68:5.

19TH June

Day 3

How can I serve the True Father?

(Have we not all one father…?” (Mal. 2:10))

All Christian service to the True Father should be based on a true understanding of God as the father of all. Thus, one is to always seek to bring the good news of the Father to the ends of the earth. Serving the Father must be a joy and yet also a sacrifice (Romans 12:1-2) because of the fallen nature of mankind.

God the True Father speaks clearly in His Word of ways we ought to serve Him.

Please read the following passages and draw practical ways of serving the True Father: Matt. 25:40, Gal. 5:24-25, Eph. 4:12.

An Opportunity to Impact Fathers

As part of serving the True Father, we remember the millions of earthly fathers in Africa who have no other frame of reference for treating their wives and children except their cultural beliefs and what was modeled down to them by their parents. Fathers wield great power and authority as they rule their homes. Women and children find themselves bending under the force of this control with nowhere else to turn. But how shall today and tomorrow's African fathers act biblically unless they are taught?

As part of our new Daraja center, we hope to equip 10,000 pastors with biblical counselling skills by 2020 - pastors who speak to fathers every week and counsel families out of violence and abuse.

With a gift of $500 in honor of your father or caregiver, we will build phase one of the Daraja Center - our Pastors Training Center for pastors once the number of givers reach 100.

Daraja means bridge. We view this training center as our bridge of hope where the Lord takes pastors from spiritual poverty (need for instruction) to a place of competence (capable of providing biblical counselling to families).

Please note that there are a few ways that you can give towards the Daraja Center:

  1. Donate Online at our website
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