The Pastors Discipleship Network Is Building A Training Center, Classroom Block, & Housing To Properly Teach The Word Of God In Uganda

During 2015, we began this campaign to build PDN a new home.  We're calling this project Daraja, the Swahili word for "bridge".

And in case you missed our last update, PDN was able to purchase the land earlier this year and the preliminary work for construction of the first building has begun. Praise God for His faithfulness and provision!
In the last year, many of you gave towards this project and we were able to raise just over $230,000. But most of that giving was DOUBLED with a generous matching grant that was offered to us, giving us a wonderful start to our campaign and putting us well on our way to meeting our total giving goal of $1.1 million.

We're Excited To Tell You Another Generous Matching Grant Has Been Pledged To Us!  

We are so grateful to see the Lord provide so tangibly for His work and to see so many of you excited to partner with us.  During the 2016 calendar year, all gifts given towards The Daraja Center Project will be matched up to $200,000.

Please note that there are a few ways that you can give towards Daraja:

  1. Donate Online at our website
  2. Mail A Check made out to Pastors Discipleship Network & designate it for The Daraja Center Project  (PO BOX 896, Canton, TX 75103)
  3. Email Mara to talk about pledging a Monthly Gift or to Donate Stock.
  4. Use one of our Charitable Giving Funds listed below:

PayPal Charitable Giving Fund - The whole donation will come to PDN but PayPal will receipt the transaction;  it's possible to give a one-time gift or recurring.
Ebay Charity Auction 
Amazon Smile - If you don't have an Amazon Smile charity, please consider choosing PDN!

The Daraja Center Project is far from complete, so if you're still interested in partnering with us in building PDN a new home, click here for more information.  Big things are happening, so now is the time to give!

You might see brush & trees, but we see the answer to years of prayer & planning & the huge potential that God has given to us with this land!

Clearing the land, and our new wall!


  • The first phase of the Daraja Project, purchasing the land, was completed in February.
  • Construction of the west wall was completed in early May.
  • The first PDN Conference (in conjunction with Baylor University) was held on the land in temporary tents the week of May 16th.
  • Having the land has given PDN a 44% increase in ministry visibility.
  • 30 new jobs have been created (unemployment for uneducated youth in Uganda is 70%).
  • 18 local business are supported through the building project.
  • 4 new local ministries are interested in partnership with PDN.

Thank you for faithfully partnering with PDN and the work
that the Lord is doing to grow His church in Africa.