Pastoral Care Programme

African pastors in crisis now have a place they can go for help. Pastors Discipleship Network, through our pastoral care program, cares for victims of persecution, assault, health, and other emergencies. PDN continues to assure pastors of solidarity in times of crisis. We focus on pastors who are weary and downtrodden, experiencing unspeakable challenges and crises. Please email us today to learn about the current needs in this specific program; and join us in caring for God's servants in emergency situations.

Africa's Need for PDN

The church in Africa is led largely by pastors with little or no theological training. It’s scary to think that over 60% of pastors in Sub-Saharan Africa have not received any theological training, and yet they spend hours each day performing pastoral work and explaining the message of the cross. Moreover, many also lack very basic ministry skills and ministry resources. PDN is making a difference and equipping to African pastors with theological education and other skills

Proof There is Work Going on

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